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Lancome Visionnaire DreamTone Renergie Tresor Review

Welcome back, my skin care loves! 

I’m excited to be reviewing four of Lancôme’s essentials, kindly provided by the lovely team at Activeskin, the online haven for all things beauty including Lancôme.

Visionnaire, DreamTone, and Renergie Multi-Lift; this is skin care you want to know. And Tresor Eau de Parfum? It just so happens to be a favourite of mine.

Lancome Visionnaire Tresor Eau de Parfum review

Lancôme Visionnaire

Visionnaire is what I like to call an all-rounder. According to Lancôme its a great option if your’re looking to treat multiple things at once: wrinkles, texture, unevenness and pores. Visually, I immediately noticed positive results for pores and light smoothing. Longer term, deeper skin results are too early to tell, but things are looking up.

The scent of this serum is very light. Almost unnoticeable if you are not sensitive to product fragrance. It’s pearl/shimmer consistency explains the instant skin refinishing result. But not to worry, there is positively no disco ball effect (I swear). It blends, unnoticeable. An important note: Visionnaire is definitely not to be used in place of a moisturiser, as you wont get the hydration levels you need. Think of Visionnaire as the first essential step before moisture.

I would recommend this to someone looking for a targeted one-product solution to all their problems. Absolutely no need to add layer upon layer of treatment serums with this baby.

Lancôme Tresor Eau de Parfum

Tresor, meaning treasure in French, is a scent that I love. From my first purchase in the 90’s, its bold fragrance has stayed with me. It’s what I would call, ‘anything but shy’. Something for that special occasion. It’s classic notes remind me of the cult must-haves like Chanel; not modern, but effortlessly timeless.

Top Notes: Apricot Blossom, Rose
Heart Notes: Lilac, Iris, Peach
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla
(From: Lancôme)

Lancome Renergie DreamTone review

Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift

Renergie Multi-Lift ticks all the boxes for my aging skin. Did I just say that? Ah c’est la vie.

This cream boasts lifting, firming, tightening and SPF 15. I haven’t trialed it long enough to be sure it delivers perfectly lifted skin, but what I do love is its deep hydration and non-greasy formula. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin silky to the touch. Heaven. This is a heavier cream, really best for lack-luster skin.

This formula has a firm texture within the jar, and comes with a definitive scent. You’re either going to love it or loath the fragrance. I’m partial to a little scent to pick-me-up. I found night-time is the optimal setting for this cream, despite its SPF ingredient (meaning it’s a day cream). For the best use under makeup, a smoothing primer does the trick to blend your bases seamlessly.

I recommend this to those looking for more serious moisture and ageing repair. It delivers, and who wouldn’t like a little firming and extras thrown in as well?

Lancôme DreamTone

Spots, uneven skin-tone, and imperfections. These are the bane of my existence. This is exactly the reason why I perked up at the chance to trial DreamTone. It promises to tackle these problems for you. Thoughtful, right? So… I have good news and not-so-good news.

First I’ll start with the not-so-good. The bottom line is this: if you’re looking for a salon-quality dark spot treatment (think space-lasers), this might not be for you. Medium, long-term results for light pigmentation? Yes. Absolutely. Which quickly brings me to the good news. If you’re looking for fresh, bright, skin; line up and get in quick.

I can happily confirm a smoother, brighter, fresher complexion. Sleep in a bottle. The fragrance is light and fresh. Something I also enjoy. In terms of consistency, it would be best described as a watery serum. DreamTone is hydrating and smooth.

I didn’t experience any breakouts either (with my regular acne treatment). And that always scores bonus points in my book. Read more about my adult acne here.


*Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. All content within this post is original and my honest opinion, cause I’m kinda awesome like that.


radlab totally rad photoshop edit

Edited with: Radlab

 I recently took my daughter on the trip of her lifetime to see her favourite pop artist live. We saw the Katy Perry Prismatic world tour. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited myself.

We bought ourselves matching ombre pastel wigs, to do whole shebang. If you’re going to see Katy, you’ve got to do it right. Right? Putting on my wig was a struggle I ultimately lost at the final moment (I’m just not wig-material), but my daughters was just perfect. It made us easy spotting for fellow concert-goers which helped us navigate the city to the arena. Just follow the crowd! Did anyone out there watch Katy Perry’s Prismatic world tour on November 22nd in Sydney? We were there!

In the whirlwind of travelling for a few days, I managed to snap less than a handful of photos with my “real” camera. This photo was the calm before the storm. A quiet moment before we left for the concert. I’m glad I was able to get this shot, it edited so beautifully with a little touch of Radlab and nothing else.

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your December so far xx

Radlab editing recipe:
Get Faded / Winter + Fuzzy Navel + Vanilla Kiss

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Three things came to mind when I read about the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range (purchased mine from Priceline): hyaluronic acid, lightweight hydration, and, oh my how pretty…

With summer right around the corner (who am I kidding, it’s here), I’m on the search again for something that will give me hydration without feeling like I am sweating under an inch of product.

So how did the gel-based range fair? Incredibly well, actually. (Note: this post contains affiliate links) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVB Hydro Boost Water Gel (50g $24.99 AUD) doubles skin moisture in 1 hour, 24 hr hydration, hyaluronic acid, olive extract. Oil free, non-comedogenic.

Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVB (40ml $24.99 AUD) lightweight, non greasy, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ‘5 times more moisture’, 24hr hydration, oil free, non-comedogenic.

Hydro Boost Night Concentrate (50g $24.99 AUD) ‘progressive release system’, vitamin E beads, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ionic mineral complex, oil free, non-comedogenic.

Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On (15g $19.99 AUD) roller-ball application, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ionic mineral complex, oil free, non-comedogenic, alcohol-free.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Night Concentrate FINAL THOUGHTS

The bottom line is I give this range 10/10 for doing exactly what it claims to do.

It boosted hydration in my skin, leaving me looking (and feeling) fresh. Very similar to using a hydrating mask, I found the night concentrate plumped my skin overnight. All of the products are extremely light weight, but still very effective. Hands down, a great summer moisturiser.

I couldn’t say whether this would be enough hydration in winter weather, if you’ve had any experience with it I’d love to know. Once dried, it appears semi matte and works fine under makeup. I found the Water Gel and Night Concentrate made my skin very smooth to the touch. The fragrance is refreshing also.

These products are now officially in regular rotation in my skincare routine and I will repurchase all, except for the eye roll-on. The eye roll-on is fine, I just prefer something a little heavier on around the eyes. Fine lines are a b**ch.

I think its important to note that the Hydro Boost Water Gel and the Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF are essentially the same product (in my opinion), one difference being the SPF. The consistency slightly differs, as does the colour of the gel (SPF being deeper blue). If you had to make a choice between the two, just decide whether you want SPF or not.

They work perfectly fine together, and of course just as well apart. The only down side I can say about the SPF is its 15 rating. While it is broad spectrum, it is no where near the protection level I prefer. Leave any of your thoughts about this range in the comments! We’d all love to hear your experiences…

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