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 I recently took my daughter on the trip of her lifetime to see her favourite pop artist live. We saw the Katy Perry Prismatic world tour. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited myself.

We bought ourselves matching ombre pastel wigs, to do whole shebang. If you’re going to see Katy, you’ve got to do it right. Right? Putting on my wig was a struggle I ultimately lost at the final moment (I’m just not wig-material), but my daughters was just perfect. It made us easy spotting for fellow concert-goers which helped us navigate the city to the arena. Just follow the crowd! Did anyone out there watch Katy Perry’s Prismatic world tour on November 22nd in Sydney? We were there!

In the whirlwind of travelling for a few days, I managed to snap less than a handful of photos with my “real” camera. This photo was the calm before the storm. A quiet moment before we left for the concert. I’m glad I was able to get this shot, it edited so beautifully with a little touch of Radlab and nothing else.

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope you’re enjoying your December so far xx

Radlab editing recipe:
Get Faded / Winter + Fuzzy Navel + Vanilla Kiss

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Three things came to mind when I read about the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range (purchased mine from Priceline): hyaluronic acid, lightweight hydration, and, oh my how pretty… With summer right around the corner (who am I kidding, it’s here), I’m on the search again for something that will give me hydration without feeling like I am sweating under an inch of product. So how did the gel-based range fair? Incredibly well, actually. (Note: this post contains affiliate links) Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVB Hydro Boost Water Gel (50g $24.99 AUD) doubles skin moisture in 1 hour, 24 hr hydration, hyaluronic acid, olive extract. Oil free, non-comedogenic. Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF 15 UVA/UVB (40ml $24.99 AUD) lightweight, non greasy, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ‘5 times more moisture’, 24hr hydration, oil free, non-comedogenic. Hydro Boost Night Concentrate (50g $24.99 AUD) ‘progressive release system’, vitamin E beads, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ionic mineral complex, oil free, non-comedogenic. Hydro Boost Eye Roll-On (15g $19.99 AUD) roller-ball application, hyaluronic acid, olive extract, ionic mineral complex, oil free, non-comedogenic, alcohol-free Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Night Concentrate FINAL THOUGHTS: The bottom line is I give this range 10/10 for doing exactly what it claims to do. It boosted hydration in my skin, leaving me looking (and feeling) fresh. Very similar to using a hydrating mask, I found the night concentrate plumped my skin overnight. All of the products are extremely light weight, but still very effective. Hands down, a great summer moisturiser. I couldn’t say whether this would be enough hydration in winter weather, if you’ve had any experience with it I’d love to know. Once dried, it appears semi matte and works fine under makeup. I found the Water Gel and Night Concentrate made my skin very smooth to the touch. The fragrance is refreshing also. These products are now officially in regular rotation in my skincare routine and I will repurchase all, except for the eye roll-on. The eye roll-on is fine, I just prefer something a little heavier on around the eyes. Fine lines are a b**ch. I think its important to note that the Hydro Boost Water Gel and the Hydro Boost Water Gel SPF are essentially the same product (in my opinion), one difference being the SPF. The consistency slightly differs, as does the colour of the gel (SPF being deeper blue). If you had to make a choice between the two, just decide whether you want SPF or not. They work perfectly fine together, and of course just as well apart. The only down side I can say about the SPF is its 15 rating. While it is broad spectrum, it is no where near the protection level I prefer. Leave any of your thoughts about this range in the comments! We’d all love to hear your experiences…


DIY bracelet display

DIY bracelet display

Air Wick multicolour black edition candle, DIY bracelet holder

DIY bracelet display

Happy Sunday loves! Looking for an easy DIY bracelet display? You may already have exactly what you need. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Air Wick multicoloured black edition candles. I’ve bought more than a few in the past month and have since collected a small arsenal of left over candle glasses. Their scents and changing LED colours are a little more addictive than I’d like to admit.

What to do with them all? Clean them out and use them as accessory storage of course. Double bang for your buck. I found scraping off excess wax and scrubbing with dish washing liquid and an old scourer worked perfectly to clean the glasses. You can forget having to buy any more makeup brush holders/accessory displays for a while. Nice, eh? And if you are super clever (which I know you are), you can melt all the leftover wax into a new scented candle. Now go treat yourself something to celebrate being so savvy… I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend! xx

PS – if you keep an eye out, you can sometimes find the candles for 50% off. I get mine from Coles.


brighten and enhance eyes with online photo editor picmonkey

I’m always asked what I use to enhance eyes in my images. When I don’t have access or time to drag out Photoshop, I jump onto PicMonkey online. It’s eye brighten feature is by far the most stress free way to get the result you want. No need for layers, filters, or special skills. If you can swipe your mouse back and forth, you can use their eye enhancer. It’s practically fool-proof.

(PS – There’s also features like; eye tint, mascara, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, and red-eye remover if your into that too)

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To begin:

1 – Go to picmonkey.com > hover over edit or touch up > select your image

Picmonkey eye brightener


note: eye brighten works by deepening dark colours, making whites brighter, boosting colours, and sharpening the area. For a realistic effect, touch up the eye colours and whites separately. This avoids making the whites of the eyes too intense but allows a sharp colourful iris.

2 – Navigate to touch up (lipstick icon) > scroll and select eye brighten

Picmonkey eye enhancer - brighten, sharpen, increase colour

3 – Choose your brush size & settings > click and hold, swiping back and forth over eye area

note: don’t worry, you can’t edit the same place twice, so swipe away and adjust the lighten/fade settings before pressing apply.

Picmonkey eye enhancer panel

4 – Apply to finish > save image

That’s all there is to it folks! Happy editing!

Picmonkey eye brightener


images edited with Radlab (Photoshop) & Picmonkey eye enhancer

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