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Happy Sunday, lovely people. I’ve been working on my final art project for Uni, and have been inspired by all things creative. Today’s nail-speration is Revlon Brilliant Strength nail polish, in Seduce. Thanks to Pinterest as always for being my break-time escape. This miniature collage was inspired by all things red and vibrant. I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!


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kora organics hydrating mask dermalogica skin hydrating masque

Get ready for the most radiant skin of your life.

The next time you apply your hydrating masks, forget removing them after 15 minutes, leave those babies on overnight.

Your skin will thank you, and you will wake up looking unbelievably hydrated and rejuvenated. It’s perfect for a weekly pick-me-up, and your skin BFF for dryness and long haul flights.

Miranda Kerr famously boasts wearing her Kora Organics hydrating mask is essential to keeping her complexion beautiful. I couldn’t argue with her, the results of leaving your masks on overnight are amazing! Celeb skin secrets are a dime a dozen, but this one is worth the effort.

miranda kerrMiranda Kerr – who wouldn’t want skin like her?


Kora Organics Hydrating Masks
100ml 3.38 FL OZ. AUD $49.95

Love it for: mid-week intensive skin boosts

If I could leave this on for days, I would. It’s organic, it’s hydrating, it’s comfortable, smells great, and it gives me the skin boost I so desperately need. I like to apply it to my face/neck/decolletage hours before bedtime, and spritz occasionally with organic rosewater. Leave it on overnight, wash off in the morning, and voila! Hello healthy looking skin.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque
75ml 2.5 OZ. AUD $56.50

Love it for: long haul flights and winter weather

This tube of happiness is an absolute essential for travelling. The clear formula is a little more ‘show your face’ friendly. No scaring the person sitting next to you (always a good thing, right?).The smell is very subtle and relaxing. It is just as soothing as the mask itself. Simply apply, relax, and wipe off to reveal refreshed skin.

Tip: I apply this overnight carefully around the eye area a few times a week. It smooths fine lines and combats dryness. (rinse gently in the morning. Use in place of eye gels/creams)

kora organics hydrating mask dermalogica skin hydrating masque


Postcards from Legoland California, winter holiday!

Legoland Hotel, California
Legoland Theme Park, christmas time
Snow at legoland California!
Tubing in the snow at Legoland California
Playing with Lego in the snow at Legoland
Playing with lego in the snow at Legoland
Driving Lego cars at Legoland California
Pedal cart at Legoland California
Pedal cart at Legoland California
Legoland cities
Face painting at Legoland California
Legowood sign at Legoland California
Lego cities at Legoland
Lego cities at Legoland
Lego cities at Legoland
Lego Cities at Legoland
legoland cities
lego las vegas sign legoland
Lego cities at legoland
lego cities at legoland
lego government building legoland
lego cities at legoland
lego cities at legoland
lego boat dock at legoland
lego cities at legoland
lego master builder at work at legoland
lego master builder at work at legoland

If you like Lego as much as I do, you’re going to love this! These photos are a little overdue (ok, like six months late), but lego never gets old. Am I right?

One exciting stop on our US trip was to LegoLand California. I was a little surprised to discover the park is mainly focused on younger children, but never fear, there’s enough for all ages to enjoy. It was an absolutely blast. I’m just bummed I was too big to drive a lego car. Hmph.

The highlight of the trip was getting to play in snow, and the replica cities. If you are a die-hard Lego fan, you will be in awe of the size and complexity of these creations. Every one of the buildings, cities, or landscapes are real and made entirely out of Lego. And of course, Star Wars fans, there is Lego replica just for you too!

I hope you enjoy the photos, there are so many more to share. :)

PS – if you’re curious, the last two photos are of the lucky guy whose job is to build Lego all day! I’m extremely jealous.

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