I always swore that when I had my own blog that I would never apologise or feel guilty for not being able to post often. But now here I am, and I do feel bad. I have been swamped with finishing an assignment and haven’t been able to write anything new, so as a peace-offering I dragged out a old photo from my “Incase Of Blog Emergency – Break Glass” file.

Pictured is OPI in Absolutely Alice. This is a fabulous shade in real life, this photo doesn’t do it any justice. I picked out the colour at a Nail Salon and it was quickly applied with two coats and no top coat. To get a real nice depth of colour you’d need a coat or two more, but its worth the trouble. The down side was after 48 hours it chipped off, but you may be able to delay that with good application and a clear coat. It was also incredibly difficult to remove, but that’s glitter for you.

Ok, I’m really feeling this assignment, so I’d better get back to it…

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