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In my rush to finish the post here on my Versatile Blogger nomination the other night I forgot to nominate a site by blogger Homeless Rob. I’m so sorry Rob! Robert Rashford’s blog is a very real and honest account on his struggles with homelessness, and I encourage you to have a look. Some people think its inspirational, some believe it is nothing more than a sham, but either way, it makes you face something you might not otherwise consider. Homelessness is real, and I will let you make up your own mind.

It’s not your usual blog, and certainly a far cry from my theme here, but it’s still a  cause worth your time. I’ve definitely learned a thing or two along the way, and it’s opened my eyes a little more (it doesn’t just happen to stereotypical down and out older men, it happens to families too). As much as I love writing about makeup, I think it’s important to remember there’s sometimes other things in life as well.

I first discovered Rob on the website Daily Strength (highly recommend by the way) where he was tirelessly befriending and encouraging people through their own struggles, despite his own situation. His blog has recently hit 10,000 visitors and he’s been getting some recognition in the media – congratulations Rob! – and hopefully I can turn a few more readers his way.

Through following Rob I have also met some kind-hearted people who work so hard towards making a difference in homelessness. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, it is very real after all, but I will let it speak for itself. I feel a touch guilty I can’t do more from behind my computer screen other than write about it, but getting the word out is a good start.


PS – If you’re wondering how someone who is homeless maintains a blog, you’ll have to read it to find out. I think its funny in some ways, contact with the entire world even if you have nothing is somewhat easy with access to a computer, help from the entire world for real issues however, is not.

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